Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit the Rules section for detailed information.


What is Resultado Exacto?
Resultado Exacto is a web app for predicting football games. You can play with friends or join a public group. Resultado Exacto is the place where you show the world what you know about football!
Is this a website for betting?
No, Resultado Exacto is a website for playing to predict football scores in group. The main goal of Resultado exacto is the development of friendly groups of people. The creatores of Resultado Exacto do not promote betting in any way, and this website is not intended to manage money.
What is an event?
Events are championships or leagues, like the World Cup. An event consists of a list of football matches, which can have different types, like group stage, semi-finals, etc.
What is a group?
A group is a set of people who play to predict the games of a specific football event. Anyone can create a private groop of friends. Joining a private group requires the acceptance of the group admin. You can request an invitation for a specific group by clicking Join a Group.
How are events managed?
Events are managed internally. Games and their scores are automatically updated, so you don't have to worry about this!
How are groups managed?
Groups are managed by their creators. Group admins decide the rules of the group. Any user can create a private group and be a group admin.
How do I create a group
Just sign up, go to the home page and select Create Group
How do I join an existing group?
There are three ways to join a group: The group's admin can invite you directly (using your email or username), you can click on the group's link (shared by its admin), or you can get the group's name and request an invitation by clicking on Join a group.
How do I place my picks?
Once you are participating in a group, you can enter the group's page. There you'll find a tab titled Games containing the games you need to predict.


How many points do I get from a game?
Different groups have different scoring rules for every game type and every prediction outcome. There are five different prediction outcomes, explained in the Rules section.
Who defines the points assigned to the five possible prediction outcomes?
The group admin has full control of the rules of the group. She decides how many points you get depending on the outcome.
Can I see the type of games available in my group?
Absolutely. In your group's page go to the info tab, you'll find the types of games at the top. Touch them to find out the points scheme.
Are there any other ways to get points?
Yes, you can also get points by correctly answering a question posted in your group, or by getting arbitrary points from the admin.
Where can I find the questions of my groups?
Group questions are posted by the group admin. Once there is at least one question in a group, you'll see the questions tab. You will receive an email each time there's a new question in one of your groups, so don't worry!
If you have any questions please contact us.