Learn about how to use Resultado Exacto

Choosing your picks
You can change your picks as many times as you want provided that the corresponding game hasn't started. We recommend you to choose your final pick at least 10 minutes in advance.
Missing a game
If you didn't pick the scores for a game that already started, you'll get no points. But don't worry, we'll send you an email one day before so you don't forget!
The amount of points you get depends on your pick and on the outcome of the game. There are five possible combinations, exemplified below. The amount of points you get for each combination is chosen by the group's administrator, and is publicly available under the Info tab of your group's page.
Outcome possibilities by an example
Assume, for example, that the group's admin assigned the next points:

Exact Result: 10
Winner and One Score: 6
Winner and Difference: 5
Only Winner: 4
Only one Score: 1

Suppose that the game's outcome was Home 1 - 0 Away. Then:
Games will appear on the website seven days before they start (or as soon as the two opponent teams are known). At that point you'll be able to place your picks.
Extra time and Penalties
In every game, the score is considered over 90' or 120' in case of extra time. Goals scored in penalty definitions will *not* be considered.
Tie games
If the two teams draw, there are only four possible outcomes: Exact Result, Winner and Difference, Only one Score, and no points.
Group's questions
The administrator can add arbitrary questions to a group. You can answer questions and change your answers as many times as you want before the question's deadline. This is done in the group's page, under the Questions tab. If your answer is correct, you'll get the points assigned to the question by the group's admin.
Arbitrary points
The admin of a group can arbitrarily assign points to the participants. This points are publicly available under the Info tab of the group's page. This allows groups to migrate from other systems and include rules that are not supported by Resultado Exacto.
If you have any questions please visit our F.A.Q. site or contact us.